Based on the Crystal Coast of North Carolina, Teresa Morris has over four decades of piano playing experience including playing for Churches, as well as professional engagements including weddings, nightclubs, restaurants and various special occasions from Emerald Isle to New Bern, Greenville, Raleigh and beyond.

Once upon a time on just about any given Sunday morning, evening or Wednesday night, regardless of the denomination or the church where one attended, a young person could be called upon to play the piano without hesitation for either worship service or Sunday School. There was a real sense of joy in witnessing a young person within the respective church having been “gifted” with this talent and freely sharing his/her it with others, whether playing a solo, accompanying the choir, trio or quartet.

These days, very few young people attending area churches along Bogue Banks know how to play the piano. Few are either comfortable enough or have the training to equip them to play the piano upon a moment’s notice for worship services. [click to continue…]